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Scottsdale North Park

Scottsdale North Park

Update September 2021

Watch Scott demonstrate what might be a great idea for the park

Town Hall Meeting is still being determined by the city. Stay tuned for updates on when it will begin. It will be a virtual meeting and give ample time for everyone to voice their concerns and requests!

Scottsdale North Park is a 15 acre site located at Ashler Hills and 74th Way, right Next to Target in the Summit Shopping Center. The site was actually purchased by the city in 2002, but the only thing built since then was two signs like this one.

In late October of 2018, the City of Scottsdale was finally prompted by public interest to hold its first open meeting to discuss what they called the Sevano Village Park Project.

The city representative said that they anticipated 20 or 30 people attending the first meeting, but more than 250 interested citizens showed up. The group’s size and enthusiasm made it clear to the city that the public demand was there for finally having the first park built in the Scottsdale North area. 

Another public meeting was held and the subsequent bond election was passed funding the park and that brings up to date.

The Park Today

Today, the City of Scottsdale is in the process of preparing conceptual designs for the new Park. They have now taken to calling it the “Ashler Hills Park”. (We feel strongly that this should be Scottsdale North Park.)  They say that they have taken comments and suggestions from the two open houses that were previously held to help with the conceptual design.  A “virtual open house” will be coming online soon.  In the “open house” the City will share a proposed layout of amenities that are proposed for the park.   Notices for the opening of the virtual open house will be shared on the City of Scottsdale website. 

Some Thoughts On What Might Be Included In The Park

There will be many discussions on what should be in the park. We suspect the largest discussions will center around the number of Pickleball courts, and if the grass areas will include a dog park. There will also be discussions about a public/ private partnership to fund the parks amenities. We are wondering if there shouldn’t be a discussion about the type of equipment that will be integrated into the park? 

The main zip code in Scottsdale North is 85266 and that zip has been distinguished for having the highest percentage of Baby Boomers of any zip in the United States. Might it not make sense to have equipment in the park that fit the predominant demographic? 

The youngest of the baby Boomers are now over 60 years old and while they may not believe it, that makes them Seniors. Did you realize that there is park equipment available for Seniors? 

Below are links to videos of Senior or Multigenerational parks if you are interested in learning a bit about them.  You will see different equipment that could be placed in the park, and how some other cities have already embraced the idea. Watch the videos so that you can share your input when the Virtual Open house is scheduled!

A Park For Senior Citizens

Spain’s Park for Seniors

Playground for Seniors

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